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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Rear-View Mirror Thinking

No one drives forward looking in a rear-view mirror. But no one can go forward without checking the rear-view mirror. My job requires me to produce an “annual review.” An annual review is a “take a step back and look at the horizon” type of document. It  provides a review of things done (and undone) […]

Book Review: The Final Summit by Andy Andrews

The sand raced through the neck of the hourglass. A much older David Ponder, surrounded by the legion of thinkers, scientists, philosophers, and leaders were summoned in an eternal summit meeting to unravel the Gordian knot of saving civilization. What answer was right? Would they find it…in time? The Traveler’s Gift was the first book […]

Why Write a Blog?

One writer suggested of bloggers to ask a central question. “Why do you want to write a blog?” It’s a good question! Writing looks great–from a distance. But writing is hard work. Ideas are a will ‘o the wisp, flitting across the mind until gone. The daily pressures steal all the good intentions from the […]

Doing and Thinking About Doing

Over the years, I have made two seemingly opposite mistakes. I have acted without thinking and I have thought too much about my doing. Sometimes, I just want to get something done. I bull through a task only to find myself frustrated. Sometimes it’s because I don’t have the skills necessary. At other times, I […]

Selfishness Is Not What You Think

Buried deep inside the brain is the whispered voice of a mother, “don’t be selfish.” Somewhere around age two, the voice implants itself as a subliminal secret to be followed. But selfishness is not what you think. Teachers and parents instill the picture of selfishness as “thinking about self.” Yet, that’s not selfishness. The concept […]