Make Today Better

A banner hangs in the coffee shop where I take my morning quiet time. It is one of those collage of words and sayings sold in card stores. The sign was written by the company's marketing department. Three words on sign caught my attention. Make [...]

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Broken Windows

James Q. Wilson died this past week, but you probably have never heard of him. Yet, his “broken window theory” was adopted by police departments all over America to reduce crime. For years people believed more police officers made safer neighborhoods. Wilson noticed [...]

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What Was a That Password Again?

The bane of technological existence is the password. I understand the need, but the frustration remains. With every website visited comes the need to setup a password. After about three, the brain begins the dog paddle and by the fifth request it is going down [...]

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Speeding Up

Nothing is more frustrating than having to slow down when you want to go faster. You drive down the freeway going the speed limit. Suddenly you see the red glow of brake lights cascading through the traffic in front of you. You slow to a [...]

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