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Yearly Archives: 2012

When One Day Becomes The Day

American culture is bathed in two words–easy and instant. Technology gives us faster speeds and greater impatience. In addition, it has to be “user-friendly.” We want to use things not learn to use them. You can earn $10,000 a week working out of your home for 5 hours a week. A pill will shed the […]

Broken Windows

James Q. Wilson died this past week, but you probably have never heard of him. Yet, his “broken window theory” was adopted by police departments all over America to reduce crime. For years people believed more police officers made safer neighborhoods. Wilson noticed something else. Consider a building with a few broken windows. If the […]

There But for the Grace of God…

Recently, Grace McIntyre, Judy Kyker, and I touched down in Dallas to end our annual medical mission trip to Nicaragua. The trip went well but we are glad to be home. In Nicaragua, you see things you hope you will never see. I saw: Four children (the oldest was eleven) who had been abandoned to the streets by […]