The Ten Year Rule

Jaws tighten and fists clench. You've just received another visit from  frustration! Its knock is never preceded by an engraved announcement. It just shows up at your door. You are running late. You turn the key only to hear a "click, click, click." The battery [...]

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The Hardest Word to Say

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalianism. It's a perfectly good word, but I can't say it. It's too long, too complicated, and is not part of my vocabulary.(The meaning is at the end of this post.) Yet, that's not the hardest word to say. The hardest word has but 2 [...]

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Stimulate Your Thinking

Western culture feeds the disease of inactivity. People stare at cellphones blankly. Television drones on with no one noticing. The couch (or recliner) develops a permanent and personal dimple. The ravages of the sedate society are everywhere. Politics lack clear thinking. Many businesses have settled [...]

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