When I speak, sometimes people say, “that’s different.”

I specialize in different.

I enjoy telling stories that shed light on an obvious truth from a unique angle.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Robert Taylor.

I have been blessed by a wonderful wife, Vickie since 1976. We have two terrific daughters, both of who married two great guys.

I would be chided by my youngest daughter if I did not mention our new “grand-dogs.”

The newest joys of our lives are our three granddaughters, Claire, Elly, and Evie, and a grandson Harrison.

My Interests

One of my gifts is the ability to communicate, especially through writing. On this site, you can read my writings in leadership, books, fitness, time management, and my personal journey (which tells you something of my interests).

My Professional Roles

I have been fortunate to serve on the staff of the church in which I grew up as a teenager. (It’s a rare event to come back home!) I currently serve as the executive minister at the Waterview Church of Christ in Richardson, I also serve as the director of a ministry that helps small mission churches with needed resources called Strengthening Mission Churches. I have presented training seminars in various schools that train preachers. I serve on the Board of Trustees for the Oglesby Foundation, a private foundation that gives scholarships to young men training to be pulpit preachers in Churches of Christ.

I have been in full-time ministry since 1980 serving as pulpit preacher of the Strickland Grove Church of Christ in Georgetown, TX, and the Midway Church of Christ in Santa Fe, TX.

I am a 1977 graduate of Abilene Christian University with a degree in Biblical Studies. I received a Masters’s degree in Old Testament studies from ACU in 1983.

Thanks for visiting with me today.