I teach many Bible classes. This is a link to the various series. Click on the name and it will take you to a complete list of lessons in that series.

Morning Coffee

Each morning, I share a brief thought to get the day started right.

Dear Church: 7 Letters to Changing Churches

John writes to 7 churches who are going through many changes. But in them are messages to churches and Christians at all times.

Sturdy Faith: Standing Firm in Life’s Storms

Some have a faith that fades in tough times. What kind of faith stands the storms of life?

Sounds of Silence: The Four Hundred Years Between the Old Testament and New Testament

When Malachi closes, a time of 400 years begins in which God is silent. What is happening during a period leading to the “fullness of time?”

Bible Study Series

Studying the Bible seems daunting, but it is a skill that anyone can use.

Gratitude: Being Grateful When It Seems You Can’t

Gratitude in times like COVID-19 doesn’t come easily. What does it take to be grateful during times it seems like you cannot?