I teach many Bible classes. This is a link to the various series. Click on the name and it will take you to a complete list of lessons in that series.

Morning Coffee

Each morning, I share a brief thought to get the day started right.

Warning Signs–A Study in 2 Peter

Peter turns on the warning signs of the dangers facing Christians in all times.

The Letter of 1 Peter: Strangers in a Strange Land 

Peter addresses a problem encountered by all Christians in all times. Why does the world seem to oppose us? The answer is simple. We are not like them.

The Letter of James: Godly Perspectives for Practical Christian Living

James asks a simple question. If your faith is real, why don’t you act like it? This textual series explores James’ response to that question.

The Hard Sayings of Jesus: Coming to Grips with the Call of Christ in Our Lives

Some things Jesus says are “hard” both to understand, but mostly things that make us uncomfortable. But we need to hear them to follow Him well.

The Magnetic Christian: Becoming an Influence in a World that Needs It

The world needs to hear the message of Christ. More, they need to see the message in the lives of his followers. What is influence and how do we improve our influence for the gospel?

Here’s Life–A Study of 1 John

Most think they are living when they are only using substitutes. What happens when Christ offers you a life beyond what this world can give?

We go into the pages of the first letter of John to discover what that kind of life is like and how we can have it.

Sturdy Faith: Standing Firm in Life’s Storms

Some have a faith that fades in tough times. What kind of faith stands the storms of life? (Taught online in June 2020)

Sounds of Silence: The Four Hundred Years Between the Old Testament and New Testament

When Malachi closes, a time of 400 years begins in which God is silent. What is happening during a period leading to the “fullness of time?”

Bible Study Series

Studying the Bible seems daunting, but it is a skill that anyone can use.

Gratitude: Being Grateful When It Seems You Can’t

Gratitude in times like COVID-19 doesn’t come easily. What does it take to be grateful during times it seems like you cannot?

Dear Church: 7 Letters to Changing Churches

As the first century crept to a close, the church was changing. The eyewitnesses of Jesus were almost all gone, except for the author. Faith’s fire faded into a fashionable comfort. What words did these churches need to hear?

(Taught online in July-August 2020)

From Cradle to Grave: Spiritual Growth in God’s Family

God uses the image of the family for the church. His people live in this family. Just as in a family, we grow from stage to stage as part of God’s family. Where are you in your spiritual development?

(This class was taught online in July-September 2020)

Tempted and Tried: Living with Temptation

The reality of human life is to be tempted. But what is it, where does it come from, and how do we live with it?

(This class was taught online in September-October 2020)