Putting Out a Smoldering Fire: A President’s Way of Dissipating Anger

All of us sit on a powderkeg of emotions. The worst of all is anger. Anger throws bricks through windows. It speeds up behind another driver, draws a gun, and starts shooting. It slaps a wife, batters children, and burns forests. It holds a keyboard as it types bitter all-cap letters into Twitter or Facebook. Harsh words wound. All are the results [...]

Goodbye 2020…Look Forward to 2021

Tick…. Tick…. Tick… The clock counts down to midnight to close out the weird year 2020. For most, it is something to forget. It’s essential, though, to start a new year better after such a challenging year. We should take our cue from the Romans, who created a god to express what we all feel. He had two faces. One looked backward, [...]

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My Top Five Books of 2020

This year has been a strange year. It was a paradox of having more time at home and less time to read. But through it, I wove several titles into my reading schedule, whether audiobooks or paper books. While I get value from all books in some way, specific titles shape thinking in unique ways. They point out better ways to lead, [...]

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The Gift

One night, it seemed to appear... out of nowhere. The security cameras recorded every movement, but they had remained dark and still. There were no shadows and no evidence. And yet, it rested there, nestled under the branches. As sleep tiptoed away and the day dawned, the scoot of bare feet caressed the floors. Someone broke the silence. “Hey, where did that [...]

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Thanksgiving Day: It Came From a Different Place

Today is Thanksgiving Day. We mark Thanksgiving differently than in the past. We buy out the supermarket, stuff ourselves full, sleep through boring football games, and wake up in time to look for Black Friday deals in the stores. We know the story of the pilgrims. And we say that is where Thanksgiving came from. That's only a smidgen of the truth. [...]

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A Tale of Turkeys: When Things Don’t Work Out

For fifty years, the name Greenberg and Thanksgiving occupied the same breath. If you are not familiar with the former, let me explain. The Greenberg family owns a small plant in Tyler, Texas, that specializes in one product. Smoked turkeys. When I was a teenager, my mother discovered them and decided to try them. They were the best turkey I or anyone [...]

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Books Read in September

Some months are slimmer for reading than others. That is true about September. However, what I did read make quite an impact How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren This is an older book, this edition coming from about the time I graduated from high school. However, it was a book I kept on my list for [...]

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Huh? Listening in a Deaf World

Our world is deaf. It is not from the inability to hear but the refusal to listen. Shouting. Name-calling. Interruptions. They are all signs of the times. The first presidential debate of 2020 put it onstage in living color. The candidates acted as if they were two third-graders shouting ridicule at each other on the school playground. (I apologize for the insult [...]

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