I Remember: The Value of Revisiting Your Life

Recently, I embarked on an effort to put what I remember of my life down on paper. Utilizing my writing process, I spend time each day opening a long-closed door and blowing the dust off of things dormant in my memory. Everyone lives their life, and underneath the present is a tapestry of events, people, and influences. Those elements comprise a spiritual [...]

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Taking an Easier Journey: The Value of Process

The Chinese proverb counsels, “a journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.” It pictures a massive journey. A thousand miles stretch from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River. Few would consider filling up the gas tank and drive the whole distance. Most would find places to stop. They break the trip into steps. When our daughter lived in [...]

An Inscription on a Tombstone: The Single Best Test of Success

Every May, graduates hear the famous, rich, and prominent give commencement speeches. Most sound alike. The foundation of all is “be successful.”   The definition of success is like quicksilver. When you think you have it, it disappears. What do most people consider success?   To the writer, it is the New York Times bestseller list. Make that list, and you’ve made [...]

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A Day You Never Forget: Review of Fall and Rise:

Those old enough can complete the sentence "I remember where I was when__________ happened? Those of the "Greatest Generation" relive Pearl Harbor in their minds. Baby Boomers relate to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The memory knows without explanation . December 7, 1941. November 22, 1963. Here's one. September 11, 2001. Not even close. Almost anyone over the age of 25 [...]

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The Question of Time: One Answer with Many Choices

"What's the best use of your time right now?"   It was a question coined by one of the early "time management gurus" Alan Lakein. It has since become a mantra for people concerned about the use of their time.   Lakein was fanatical about time use. He refused to own a television because it "wasted" so much time. (When men landed [...]

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Are We In the Way of Our Own Progress?

Are we stuck? We struggle with traffic snarls. Where man once ventured to the moon within a decade, we quarrel and sit on our hands. Few write. Speeches reach a new level of nonsense with every wasted word. The world lurches into an uncertain future. We have evolved into hamsters making a wheel going nowhere. David McCullough latest book chronicles an American [...]

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What’s It Worth: A Tale of Good Investment

You are not rich enough to buy cheap shoes. In a recent renovation, we bought a rug from a man who taught a lesson in value. It was not just about rugs. He described growing up in Iran as an apprentice farmer. It was not long before he knew he needed some work boots. The problem is he had little money. His [...]

Tired, Torn, and True: The Question You Ask at Day’s End

The sun sets. Lights go out. The day is over. What do you ask yourself at the end of the day? Whether spoken aloud, jotted in a journal, or a vapor passing through the mind, every person sorts their day. When we ask it, we experience something. Do you feel tired at the end of the day? Or are you torn by [...]

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Monkey See, Monkey Do: The Power of Example

The year 1918 was brutal. It wasn’t due to World War I. It was the flu. Without few treatment options, the flu killed 50 million people worldwide. It was passed from person to person in a “contagion.” Every parent of a sick child asks the question, “Is he (or she) contagious?” Something is contagious if it spreads from one person to another. [...]

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A Tale of Time: A Parable for a Modern Malady

Is your life "stuck?" More importantly, how do you get "unstuck?" That is the premise of a fascinating little book written by Laura Vanderkam. Vanderkam has written several books (most of which I have read). She focuses her writing on managing time. Her thoughts do not flow from some pinstriped view of business but from a mom of four children and a [...]

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