A Shot in the Arm: A Book About the Science Behind the Vaccine

On March 11, 2021, I sat in a shrouded cubicle where a nurse took a needle and pierced my upper arm. It was no ordinary shot. It gave freedom from concern, from restriction, and from a disease that had killed more than died in the war in Viet Nam.   On that day, the "stuff" in that syringe entered my body, and [...]

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My Top Five Books of 2020

This year has been a strange year. It was a paradox of having more time at home and less time to read. But through it, I wove several titles into my reading schedule, whether audiobooks or paper books. While I get value from all books in some way, specific titles shape thinking in unique ways. They point out better ways to lead, [...]

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Books Read in September

Some months are slimmer for reading than others. That is true about September. However, what I did read make quite an impact How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler and Charles Van Doren This is an older book, this edition coming from about the time I graduated from high school. However, it was a book I kept on my list for [...]

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Books Read June Through August

Summer is a good time to read, but this year, with COVID-19, I did not take a vacation. Most of my reading was done around my work responsibilities. However, the list below is a mixture of new books and old books, favorite authors, and those unknown to me. I was a productive summer of reading. In the Garden of the Beasts by [...]

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Books Read in March-May, 2020

It seemed that I would have more time to read during the isolation of COVID-19. But life got full of online work and the start of a daily broadcast on Facebook. My routines completely flipped upside down. I did read or listen to some books. Here’s the list. Upstream: The Quest to Solve Problems Before They Happen by Dan Heath I pre-ordered [...]

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A Prophetic Voice about a Deadly Virus: A Review of the Book Upstream

How do you solve a problem you unknown and unseen? That’s the premise of Upstream: The Quest to Solve Problems Before They Happen, a new book by Dan Heath. Dan and his brother Chip have written several books. They cover topics such as change, decision-making, and making moments monumental. They leak with practical applications. Several of their processes have changed my basic [...]

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Books Read in February 2020

Books have always occupied an upper shelf in my life. I find them introducing me to people I wish I knew. Through them, I travel to places I have never experienced. My reading habit is eclectic. I read a little fiction, history, biography, and books that give me insights into how I live and how I work. Most of my reading is [...]

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Eyewitness to History: A Review of Sea Stories

If you settled down with a sailor, back onshore from a tour of duty, he tells you sea stories, those tales of drama and humor from his experiences.   That is the premise of the book Sea Stories by Admiral William McRaven, USN (Retired). McRaven spins a lifetime of experiences into a compelling narrative about some of the headline-grabbing events of the [...]

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A Tale of Time: A Parable for a Modern Malady

Is your life "stuck?" More importantly, how do you get "unstuck?" That is the premise of a fascinating little book written by Laura Vanderkam. Vanderkam has written several books (most of which I have read). She focuses her writing on managing time. Her thoughts do not flow from some pinstriped view of business but from a mom of four children and a [...]

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The Technological Intruder: A Review of Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism

The Greek poet Homer dresses a modern issue in an ancient costume. In his epic poem, The Odyssey the poet tells the story of Odysseus (also known as Ulysses). On his journey home to Ithaca at the close of the Trojan War, he comes across danger. It is not a monster or a superior army. He encounters something pleasant, enchantresses called The [...]

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