Taking an Easier Journey: The Value of Process

The Chinese proverb counsels, “a journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.” It pictures a massive journey. A thousand miles stretch from the Rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River. Few would consider filling up the gas tank and drive the whole distance. Most would find places to stop. They break the trip into steps. When our daughter lived in [...]

The Case for Gray Hair: A Review of [email protected]

It started in 1881. Prussian president Otto Von Bismark developed a radical suggestion. Retirement. In a time when people worked until they dropped dead, it was a departure. Von Bismark’s idea was different than the modern conception. His argument was "those who are disabled from work by age and invalidity have a well-grounded claim to care from the state.” Fast-forward to the [...]

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How to Use December Well: Review Your Life

December’s cold winds signal changes. For animals, they head to caves to hibernate. Humans light fireplaces and eat comfort foods. December for me is also a time to review the past year and prepare for the next one. I am a believer in reviews and accountability. Why Review The Year? So why, in the hustle and bustle of a rushed December, take [...]

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When You Can’t See, You Need This

One afternoon, as I got out of my car to enter the library, I saw it. What you need when you cannot see.   A woman got out of the car next to me and met a man on the other side. He was carrying a red-tipped white cane, the sign that he was blind. The woman got next to him, and [...]

Bright Lines: A Simple Way to Keep Your Life In the Road

I live in Dallas, TX where there are two passions—The Dallas Cowboys and road construction. I cannot travel 2 miles without coming across safety cones. (I wish I had invested in that industry three years ago!). One nagging issue I face is the absence of lines in the road. Lanes bob and weave, merge, disappear, or shift, all with no white stripe [...]

When Wasting Time is the Best Use of Time

Almost every productivity site/guru/book/lecture says that same thing. Never wasted time. Pack your day and don't let anything fall to earth. After all, Benjamin Franklin told us, "Do not squander time for it is the stuff life is made of." With all due respect to Franklin, sometimes the best use of time is wasted time. Recently, I was making a trip from [...]

Stop Reaching Goals: Do This Instead

Are goals worth it? I have listened to the advice and read the self-improvement posts, books, and filed away my share of seminar workbooks. They preach a single sermon while the choir echoes the refrain. Make goals. Write them down. Look at them. Meet them. Celebrate success. I’ve done my share of making goals and even accomplished many of them. I have [...]

The Vital Few: Deciding Between Good and Best

Obligations, opportunities, and possibilities invade our lives without interruption. Which do you choose? Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a disease of the modern who “wants it all.” No wonder most people suffer from overload and stress! None of us can do it all. So how do you choose? I have had to make those hard choices as well…and I had to [...]

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Who is Watching You? Three Observations about Invisible Influence

Sometimes you do what appears to be foolish, and it helps someone else. It is the principle of invisible influence.   Invisible influence means people are watching you and you affect them, even though you are unaware of their notice. You see someone pick up trash and you bend over to pick up the next candy wrapper on the ground. It is [...]

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Not Number 1: A Tale of Three Backups

Some years it is hard to watch the Super Bowl. This year was, for many, a struggle to decide who to support. (For Dallas Cowboy fans, which team turns your stomach less--Eagles or Patriots? It's a coin toss.) Super Bowl LII gave me something to watch that was better than football. It was a game all about backups. The Eagles won, supported [...]

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