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Stimulate Your Thinking

Western culture feeds the disease of inactivity. People stare at cellphones blankly. Television drones on with no one noticing. The couch (or recliner) develops a permanent and personal dimple. The ravages of the sedate society are everywhere. Politics lack clear thinking. Many businesses have settled into a “that’s our policy” way of life. Individuals live […]

What Can You Learn From You Antagonists?

Every person has antagonists in their life. They seem to stand as a roadblock to progress. Some seem mean-spirited. Others are just object able. Still others just don’t “mesh” with us, either due to personality, outlook, or background. Most of the time, we avoid our antagonists. After all, who wants to spend time with people […]

What Was a That Password Again?

The bane of technological existence is the password. I understand the need, but the frustration remains. With every website visited comes the need to setup a password. After about three, the brain begins the dog paddle and by the fifth request it is going down for the third time. How do you remember passwords? The […]

Speeding Up

Nothing is more frustrating than having to slow down when you want to go faster. You drive down the freeway going the speed limit. Suddenly you see the red glow of brake lights cascading through the traffic in front of you. You slow to a crawl. Sometimes the slow-down is a wreck and sometimes it […]

Instead of Resolutions…

With the simple click of the hands of a mechanical clock, the world magically transforms. That single click brings in a new year. We arbitrarily mark time with bread crumbs along the trail. We have birthdays and anniversaries. But few are as laden with meaning as New Year’s Day. With New Year’s comes the “New […]

Getting Your Call Returned

Voicemail (depending on your viewpoint) is either the bane of existence or a wonderful tool to increase productivity. The latter is true… if you know how to leave a good message. I receive several phone messages each week, many by salespeople. As I slog through the swamp of messages, some are easy to answer and […]

Keeping Small Problems from Becoming Large Problems

Everyone has problems. Too many turn a minor difficulty into a titanic tumult. But it doesn’t have to happen You have to respond to problems rather than react to them. The church where I serve publishes a “pocket directory.” It is what the name implies, a 2 inch by 4 inch top bound phone book. […]

When Graduation is Not the End

What To Do After Graduation? The class of 2011 has now sat through hours of names read listening for their own. Students sweated bullets over finals (and sometimes standardized tests). Textbooks were closed, accounted for, and stored in the sauna of a dust-disturbed storeroom. The moving of the tassel on the mortarboard signals the completion […]

Letting Friday Be Final

Friday comes every seven days–and that’s a good thing. Fridays are the end of the work week for most. (If it not yours, please adjust this post to fit your situation.) It launches us into rest, relaxation, and family time. But not everyone likes Fridays. The specter of anxiety hangs as a pall over many […]

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