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The Uncluttered Movement: Should Marie Kondo Visit Your Life?

Marie Kondo is a rock star. The diminutive, soft-spoken Japanese invaded America in a way Hirohito could only dream of. Do we need to “Kondomari” our lives as well as our homes? Kondo wrote the book The Magic of Tidying Up. The marketing manipulators at [...]

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Three Real Lessons A Magical Movie Teaches

During the week of Christmas, my wife and I went to see Mary Poppins Returns. I was skeptical. As a baby boomer who watched the 1964 original in a drive-in theater, Mary Poppins is Julie Andrews. I listened to records of the music as a [...]

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School Is In Session: 18 Things I Learned (or Relearned) in 2018

For at least 13 years (and more, if you are fortunate), you attend school. The curriculum is specific loaded with canned lessons Then, you get into another school called “life experience.” While the curriculum is not structured, the lessons continue to come. The problem is [...]

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How to Use December Well: Review Your Life

December’s cold winds signal changes. For animals, they head to caves to hibernate. Humans light fireplaces and eat comfort foods. December for me is also a time to review the past year and prepare for the next one. I am a believer in reviews and [...]

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The Janitor in the Abbey

Western society worships at the altar of position. Whether it be business, religion, government, or academia, the guy at the top gets the spotlight. That leaves someone else, someone more important, in the dark. Once I had a half-day layover in London. I caught a [...]

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The Cure of Our Ills: Practice Gratitude

At the season of Thanksgiving, the trite advice is “be thankful.” For most people, it is a hazy phrase. The remedy for most first-world maladies is simple. Practice gratitude.   What Gratitude Does for Us?   “The practice of gratitude can have dramatic and lasting [...]

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Don’t Fill Your House! Fill Your Life: The Power of Experiences

  At some age, you realize that all the “stuff” you paid good money for is just “stuff. It’s then you know it’s not about the accumulation of things but the accumulation of life. Life comes through a series of experiences. In 1997 MasterCard International [...]

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Keeping On Trajectory: Redirect Through Review

Insight is headed to a new world. To get there, it needs to check and change its trajectory. Insight, a Mars lander, is scheduled to touch down on the red planet on November 26, 2018. It is on trajectory but to stay on the right [...]

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The Power of the Crucible: Three Advantages to Life’s Troubles

Life passes us through crucible experiences that change us. No one escapes life unscathed by challenges. Tragedies flow into every life, some more severe or numerous than others. What do these crucible experiences do for us? In Doris Kearns Goodwin’s new book Leadership in Turbulent [...]

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Is Life That Terrible? Choosing to Live a Significant Life

Life is terrible. At least, that’s what you would conclude from listening to many people. Conversations are bleak complaining sessions with the refrain, “ain’t it awful.” Facebook and Twitter posts revert to social murmur and group grumble. Each day we watch, listen, and contribution to [...]

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