The Tree

I spend my mornings reading, reflecting, and planning at a local coffee shop. As a creature of habit, I tend to sit in the same booth to think, brood, create, and calm. It has been a morning routine spanning many years.   Outside of the [...]

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Thanks for Nothing

Tommy Allsup died on January 11, 2017. His name is unfamiliar to most. The rock-and-roll guitarist for Buddy Holly’s band should have died on February 3, 1959.   That was the date “the music died” (chronicled by Don McLean’s 1970 hit, American Pie). The small [...]

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Holding On: Four Perspectives to Keep You Sane When Your Life Is Insane

A few years ago, my life turned down a blind alley. It wasn't one event, but a succession of events. My elderly father fell which resulted in his moving to an assisted living center. My daughter was going through intense stress and needed our help. One night in December, my father had a massive stroke and was gone within an hour. I spent the next few months dealing with his estate (something I was ill-equipped to handle). Doctors diagnosed my father-in-law with severe dementia. He moved three times until he settled in a memory care center. I had four surgeries. (I had never had surgery in my life.) My father-in-law passed away. When I look back at what I just wrote, it gives me shivers. Somehow, we made it [...]

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Small Change

When my father passed away suddenly in December, we faced the inevitable task of cleaning out a house lived in for 45 years. Furniture filled spaces. Old bank statements and tax returns spilled over file boxes. One of the surprising finds was the small changes [...]

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