Are We In the Way of Our Own Progress?

Are we stuck? We struggle with traffic snarls. Where man once ventured to the moon within a decade, we quarrel and sit on our hands. Few write. Speeches reach a new level of nonsense with every wasted word. The world lurches into an uncertain future. We have evolved into hamsters making a wheel going nowhere. David McCullough latest book chronicles an American [...]

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The Technological Intruder: A Review of Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism

The Greek poet Homer dresses a modern issue in an ancient costume. In his epic poem, The Odyssey the poet tells the story of Odysseus (also known as Ulysses). On his journey home to Ithaca at the close of the Trojan War, he comes across danger. It is not a monster or a superior army. He encounters something pleasant, enchantresses called The [...]

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Putting the Brakes on Identity Thieves (after the funeral)

My father passed away in December of 2012. Apparently, identity thieves knew about it. I had to deal with a fraudulent tax return filed in his name, bank accounts set up in his name and credit cards applied for in his name. While that happened at the very beginning, I read one hint that really helped. Notify credit bureaus of someone's death [...]

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When You Don’t Have the Bandwidth

In the internet age bandwidth refers to how much information can move online. But every person has a personal bandwidth. In life, three things determine what you can do at anytime. Time--if a task takes 1 hour and you have 10 minutes, you can't do it. Opportunity--if you need to pickup a medical prescription and you're in the office, you can't do [...]

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Getting Your Call Returned

Voicemail (depending on your viewpoint) is either the bane of existence or a wonderful tool to increase productivity. The latter is true… if you know how to leave a good message. I receive several phone messages each week, many by salespeople. As I slog through the swamp of messages, some are easy to answer and others just get the trashcan. The ones [...]

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Bitten by a Virus! (Part 2)

The signs are there. Strange screens. Glacial movement of your web. Nag screens saying "you have a virus. Do you want us to clean it?" It's not time to do a post-mortem on how you got the computer virus. The burning question is how do you get rid of it. The steps are similar but depend on your operating system. On the [...]

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Bitten by the Virus! (Part 1)

The latest news is the "once infallible" Apple line of computers got sick. A virus called MacDefender is making the rounds. While Windows users suffered through the virus-clean-patch cycle again and again, it seemed like Macs were immune. Apparently, the new-found popularity of Macs brought out the hackers. This post is not a comprehensive guide to viruses. It is written to people [...]

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When Your Software Gets in the Way

Software exists to help us work better. But sometimes software gets in the way of work. Recenlty, I was working on a presentation in a well-known outlining program. I had used the program before, but on this occasion, something was wrong. The hardcopy was reduced to an unreadable miniature. I proceeded to try to fix the problem. I eliminated the shrinkage but [...]

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