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Must, Should, Could and Do: 4 Words to Sort Your Life

Life’s phone keeps ringing, like the telemarketer at dinner time. Many opportunities, requests, and demands come to your life. PTA meeting notices come home in backpacks. Dinner invitations arrive in the mail. Friends say, “can you help me out with this small thing?” Most of what arrives on our plate is a matter of volume, […]

Get Off Life’s Scales

Someone told you a lie, a real whopper. You became an adult and attended a seminar, read a book, or got friendly advice. The lie is simple. “You need to maintain life/work balance.” You stepped on life’s scales and the pans never get even. You tried the golden equations of equality. Eight hours at work, […]

When Not to Throw a Fit

Our granddaughter (who is about 9 months old) has found her temper, especially when put in a car seat). She bows her back and expresses great displeasure through crocodile tears and ear-splitting screams. Once in the seat, she’s just fine. Part of growing up is learning independence. Part of growing mature is learning adaptability. I […]

A Charge to Keep

Some words need to be dusted off. One such word, stewardship, let time layer it with a thick layer of misunderstanding. One day, stewardship walked into church and sat on a pew. Misunderstanding the meaning, someone decided its nickname was “giving.” Since that time, those with religious backgrounds see a contribution plate pass by every […]

What’s the Temperature?

I ordered a small breakfast at McDonald’s while on vacation. While waiting for the order to come to the counter, I watched the manager. She cradled a clipboard in hand (which had dozens of rows and columns). Moving to the preparation table, she began opening the warming trays holding food like meat patties or chicken […]

Make Today Better

A banner hangs in the coffee shop where I take my morning quiet time. It is one of those collage of words and sayings sold in card stores. The sign was written by the company’s marketing department. Three words on sign caught my attention. Make today better. As I read them, I asked the obvious […]

Instead of Resolutions…

With the simple click of the hands of a mechanical clock, the world magically transforms. That single click brings in a new year. We arbitrarily mark time with bread crumbs along the trail. We have birthdays and anniversaries. But few are as laden with meaning as New Year’s Day. With New Year’s comes the “New […]

A New-Found Joy–Listening to Books

One question you should ask yourself regularly is “what gives me joy?” We get caught in the “oughts, shoulds, and musts” that few of us get to the “wants.” About 18 months ago, I found something which has given me incredible joy. I started listening to books on CD. Reading has been a lifetime love […]

When You Don’t Have the Bandwidth

In the internet age bandwidth refers to how much information can move online. But every person has a personal bandwidth. In life, three things determine what you can do at anytime. Time–if a task takes 1 hour and you have 10 minutes, you can’t do it. Opportunity–if you need to pickup a medical prescription and […]

Getting Your Call Returned

Voicemail (depending on your viewpoint) is either the bane of existence or a wonderful tool to increase productivity. The latter is true… if you know how to leave a good message. I receive several phone messages each week, many by salespeople. As I slog through the swamp of messages, some are easy to answer and […]

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