More than a Mark on the Wall: Four Marks of Maturity

When did you feel “all grown up?”   For most, it is not when they reach a mark on a wall. It is something that indicates they have reached a certain level of maturity. Mine was when I could buy my parents a meal in a restaurant.   Maturity is elusive. Many count candles on a cake, but that’s age. Changing calendars [...]

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65 Lessons Learned in 65 Years

This is the year I received my official “old-man card” (aka Medicare). It arrived in the trail of gray hair, bifocals, and hearing loss. Such is life when you get to a certain age. The concept of an age at which things change is nothing new. The idea of retirement came from Otto Von Bismarck to rid himself of rivals and control [...]

The Cook’s Downfall: When You Lose What You Love

We believe Amazon delivers happiness. We are happy when we get what we want. Many times, we need something more. This is the story of a cook who lost his more than his place. My mother subscribed to the idea that if truckers stopped at a restaurant, it is good food. So for a lot of my childhood, we surveyed the highway [...]

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Is It Christmas Again? Seeing Christmas Through a Child’s Eye

Adults groan at the first hint of Christmas. A few years ago, donned in shorts and a t-shirt to beat the Memorial Day heat, we walked into Hobby Lobby. They were putting up Christmas. “There oughta be a law,” I muttered. Christmas comes much too soon for most credit cards and bank accounts to handle. Invitations for competing events arrive in email [...]

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A Day You Never Forget: Review of Fall and Rise:

Those old enough can complete the sentence "I remember where I was when__________ happened? Those of the "Greatest Generation" relive Pearl Harbor in their minds. Baby Boomers relate to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The memory knows without explanation . December 7, 1941. November 22, 1963. Here's one. September 11, 2001. Not even close. Almost anyone over the age of 25 [...]

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Moving On: 3 Roads to Positive Grieving

Tinsel drapes the holiday season and leaves it in aglow in light. Some people don’t have that feeling. I write this post out of a kinship with those who encounter loss because I have had mine. I have busied myself with putting up a tree, laying out lights in the yard, and putting up an inflatable Mickey Mouse to thrill my grandchildren. [...]

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Bright Lines: A Simple Way to Keep Your Life In the Road

I live in Dallas, TX where there are two passions—The Dallas Cowboys and road construction. I cannot travel 2 miles without coming across safety cones. (I wish I had invested in that industry three years ago!). One nagging issue I face is the absence of lines in the road. Lanes bob and weave, merge, disappear, or shift, all with no white stripe [...]

Going Back to Childhood to Find Joy: Three Avenues to Happiness

Some things you read hit you right between the eyes. One such piece was Eric Barker’s recent blog post on how to be happy in a crazy world. In a furrowed-brow world, everyone is looking for the magic elixir of joy. We all have it; we don’t know it.  For those who are not regular readers of Barker’s, he takes the research [...]

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The Best Two Lessons of Four Teachers

Everyone has had two kinds of teachers. Some you never remember. Then, there are those you never forget. Everyone has a list of the second. (It is usually a short list.) What makes the difference between the two? We assume we know what teaching is. While I have my share of teachers, my mother taught, and my two daughters teach. We assume [...]

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