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Blue is a Different Christmas Color: Three Ways to Approach Sadness at Christmas

  Christmas colors are red and green. Tinsel shimmers. Lights twinkle. Hearts soar. Sometimes, life paints Christmas a different color. There’s no Pantone color number, but the best way to describe it is Melancholy Blue.   I enjoy Christmas but also the holiday season carries a little different hue for me today. Both of my […]

Thanksgiving Before Christmas: Making Giving Better

On the Oak Ridge Boys Christmas Cookies album is a song called Ordinary Days. It’s not a traditional Christmas song.   In it, the writers Steve Bogard and Rick Giles captured more than holly, snow, and nativity scenes. They put a tear in the eyes of Christmas.   The song speaks to what you should […]

Open Hearts or Locked Doors: The Church Security Dilemma

Church shootings seem to fill headlines on the crawls at the bottom of cable news networks. America saw death at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC. Then it visited Antioch, TN at the Burnette Road Church of Christ. Last Sunday it rained its terror on the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, […]

Turning Success on Its Head

Seldom do you find Genghis Kahn held up as a role model! That is what Eric Barker does in his new book, Barking up the Wrong Tree: The Surprising Science Behind Everything You Know About Success is (Mostly) Wrong. In it, you find other interesting characters who illustrate principles of success. Included is a diverse […]

Getting More By Going Slower: The Power of Disfluency

We like things that are easy. Our minds like to conserve energy for more important things. The problem comes when we encounter information. The more information we have, the less we can think . (Having choices is fun. Choosing is agonizing.) We feel like the mythical Tantalus who was punished by being submerged up to […]

Find Out About Area Scams

Everyone is a victim of scammers. They make contact and tell you: They had money to claim from an old account. The IRS was about to arrest them if they did not pay up (by going to a website and listing information). Their bank was having a problem with their account. Go to and log-in. […]

There But for the Grace of God…

Recently, Grace McIntyre, Judy Kyker, and I touched down in Dallas to end our annual medical mission trip to Nicaragua. The trip went well but we are glad to be home. In Nicaragua, you see things you hope you will never see. I saw: Four children (the oldest was eleven) who had been abandoned to the streets by […]

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