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The Survivor Who Saved Others

April 16 has different means for many people. For Jews around the world it marks the Day of Remembrance, a time to pause to remember the horrors of the Holocaust. Its whispered theme is “never again.” The Holocaust was real for Liviu Librescu. As a child in his native Romania, Nazi guards herded him and […]

When Not to Throw a Fit

Our granddaughter (who is about 9 months old) has found her temper, especially when put in a car seat). She bows her back and expresses great displeasure through crocodile tears and ear-splitting screams. Once in the seat, she’s just fine. Part of growing up is learning independence. Part of growing mature is learning adaptability. I […]

The Ten Year Rule

Jaws tighten and fists clench. You’ve just received another visit from  frustration! Its knock is never preceded by an engraved announcement. It just shows up at your door. You are running late. You turn the key only to hear a “click, click, click.” The battery is dead. The shirt you were planning to wear is […]

Unbending the Bow

The bow cannot always stand bent, nor can human frailty subsist without  some lawful recreation. -Miguel de Cervantes- By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.  -Genesis 2:2- As a kid, my mother tried to keep us busy during […]

The Hardest Word to Say

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalianism. It’s a perfectly good word, but I can’t say it. It’s too long, too complicated, and is not part of my vocabulary.(The meaning is at the end of this post.) Yet, that’s not the hardest word to say. The hardest word has but 2 letters and is one of the first words we learn. […]

A Charge to Keep

Some words need to be dusted off. One such word, stewardship, let time layer it with a thick layer of misunderstanding. One day, stewardship walked into church and sat on a pew. Misunderstanding the meaning, someone decided its nickname was “giving.” Since that time, those with religious backgrounds see a contribution plate pass by every […]

The Power of the Right Question

Someone has observed, “the only way to get the right answer is to ask the right question.” For most people, they look for information, not insight. In my last post, I argued you need to take time to evaluate your life. But how? What measuring stick do you put against the wall against which to […]