The Last 20%: Are You Hunting Giants?

Life has its moments. When you are young, dreams and plans occupy the mind. Then, the kids leave home (always quicker than imagined). You start thinking, “what next?” Time sits unused in the coming years. But time continues to flow until you reach an age when you ask, “what will you do with the rest of your life?” As I write this, [...]

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Books Read in February 2020

Books have always occupied an upper shelf in my life. I find them introducing me to people I wish I knew. Through them, I travel to places I have never experienced. My reading habit is eclectic. I read a little fiction, history, biography, and books that give me insights into how I live and how I work. Most of my reading is [...]

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The Case for Gray Hair: A Review of [email protected]

It started in 1881. Prussian president Otto Von Bismark developed a radical suggestion. Retirement. In a time when people worked until they dropped dead, it was a departure. Von Bismark’s idea was different than the modern conception. His argument was "those who are disabled from work by age and invalidity have a well-grounded claim to care from the state.” Fast-forward to the [...]

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