The Paradox of a Growing Life: Pruning Shearers

To have more in life, you need less of it. Let me explain.   In front of our house, we planted a red-tipped photinia a few years ago. Our goal was to hide a chimney that seemed to stick out of the view.   The shrub grew...and grew...and grew. It shot up and spread out, becoming misshapen.   We knew we had [...]

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Change and Decay…The Rhythm of a Growing Life

It’s spring. For many, spring’s announcement is the appearance of flowers and the greening of grass. For me, it is piles and piles of brown leaves. My Texas Live Oak trees shed leaves in the spring leaving behind the growth that provides respite from the summer sun’s assault. This year the Texas freezer week in February stripped branches at one time. We [...]

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Changing Times…and Aren’t They All?

On August 13, 1968, life changed.   My parents went to a strange place and signed papers. We then went to Paula Stringer Realtors office (no longer there) on Central Expressway and picked up a key. We drove to the place the key fit.   620 Kindred Lane in Richardson.   We opened the door to a two-story house, twice the size [...]

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A Prophetic Voice about a Deadly Virus: A Review of the Book Upstream

How do you solve a problem you unknown and unseen? That’s the premise of Upstream: The Quest to Solve Problems Before They Happen, a new book by Dan Heath. Dan and his brother Chip have written several books. They cover topics such as change, decision-making, and making moments monumental. They leak with practical applications. Several of their processes have changed my basic [...]

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COVID-19: Welcome to a New World!

Washington Irving told the fictional tale of a man who goes to sleep and wakes up in a whole new world. We have much in common with Rip Van Winkle. When you woke up, the world had changed. It wasn't because of some novel technological discovery. Instead, it is something fundamental to human existence: an ugly virus called COVID-19. No one could [...]

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Know Thyself: A Process for Progress

“Know thyself.” The Greek maxim snaked its way through history. Some old but unknown philosopher said it and moderns repeat it. Many a young man or woman has been told: “know thyself.” Fast forward centuries to the Globe Theater on the south bank of the Thames River. One night, a play by the shining star of the stage, William Shakespeare, came to [...]

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Candles on the Cake: Three Observations on a Birthday

The year 1955 seems like a watershed year. The Eastern Bloc formed a military alliance deepening the tensions of the Cold War. A tired little woman in Birmingham refused to give up her seat for a bullying bus driver. The boycott that followed was the push of a row of domino called the Civil Rights movement. America made its first commitment to [...]

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Monkey See, Monkey Do: The Power of Example

The year 1918 was brutal. It wasn’t due to World War I. It was the flu. Without few treatment options, the flu killed 50 million people worldwide. It was passed from person to person in a “contagion.” Every parent of a sick child asks the question, “Is he (or she) contagious?” Something is contagious if it spreads from one person to another. [...]

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The Dead Tree: Dig Up What Doesn’t Grow

Outside of a coffee shop which is my morning retreat is a tree…or should I say “was” a tree. A few years ago, A developer built a modern mixed-use project. It became an oasis in the city. I like the coffee and the quiet. Around the patios, builders planted saplings with the expectation of shade for tables and scenery for diners. Some [...]

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Watch for Glass: One Simple Way to Keep Personal Blight At Bay

You drive through once-bustling neighborhoods to find deterioration. Families once laughed in its rooms and couples grew old together. Then, the community changed.   The first visible signs of blight are the broken windows.   Malcolm Gladwell popularized a theory of crime prevention called “the broken window theory.” The view says if a neighborhood starts to decays, the broken windows become a [...]

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