More than a Mark on the Wall: Four Marks of Maturity

When did you feel “all grown up?”   For most, it is not when they reach a mark on a wall. It is something that indicates they have reached a certain level of maturity. Mine was when I could buy my parents a meal in a restaurant.   Maturity is elusive. Many count candles on a cake, but that’s age. Changing calendars [...]

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Eyewitness to History: A Review of Sea Stories

If you settled down with a sailor, back onshore from a tour of duty, he tells you sea stories, those tales of drama and humor from his experiences.   That is the premise of the book Sea Stories by Admiral William McRaven, USN (Retired). McRaven spins a lifetime of experiences into a compelling narrative about some of the headline-grabbing events of the [...]

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The News That Hits Hardest

Social media (followed by more traditional media) crackled with the news of a school shooting on Friday. We tensed with "What? Another one?" The place was a small high school in Galveston County, Texas. The school was Santa Fe High School located in a town founded on a train line running between Alvin and Galveston. At that moment, it became personal. Santa [...]

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Watch for Glass: One Simple Way to Keep Personal Blight At Bay

You drive through once-bustling neighborhoods to find deterioration. Families once laughed in its rooms and couples grew old together. Then, the community changed.   The first visible signs of blight are the broken windows.   Malcolm Gladwell popularized a theory of crime prevention called “the broken window theory.” The view says if a neighborhood starts to decays, the broken windows become a [...]

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