The Last 20%: Are You Hunting Giants?

Life has its moments. When you are young, dreams and plans occupy the mind. Then, the kids leave home (always quicker than imagined). You start thinking, “what next?” Time sits unused in the coming years. But time continues to flow until you reach an age when you ask, “what will you do with the rest of your life?” As I write this, [...]

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Going Through the Desert: Don’t Miss Seeing What Is There

We traveled to California to see my grandparents when I was a boy. The problem was we had to cross the hot furnace of Arizona in July. Highway 66 stretched for miles as the temperature climbed to 15 degrees above the century mark. Heatwaves radiated from baked asphalt. The air scorched. I remember one thought. Get me to the other side. Life’s [...]

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The Power of the Crucible: Three Advantages to Life’s Troubles

Life passes us through crucible experiences that change us. No one escapes life unscathed by challenges. Tragedies flow into every life, some more severe or numerous than others. What do these crucible experiences do for us? In Doris Kearns Goodwin’s new book Leadership in Turbulent Times, she discusses four American presidents and the challenges they faced. Each struggled through a myriad of [...]

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