Making Life Precious with Last Time Thinking

What if a moment was “the last time?” Selling a home means walking out of the front door for the last time. It is known and expected. But what about the unplanned “last times?” When my dad died ten years ago, he died suddenly. I spent the afternoon with him, taking him for a haircut and making out Christmas checks. If I [...]

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The 9-Iron Problem: The Anger We Feel

My golf bag holds a nine iron that doesn’t belong to me. I don’t know who owns it, but I know something about who does. I found it in the high bushes beside the walking path adjacent to the golf course. It did not get there the way an errant golf ball ended up in the grass. Instead, I suspect the owner, [...]

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Maintaining Sanity Amid the Chaos of COVID-19

When COVID-19 (or as it was called then coronavirus) started rippling the news, I did not sound serious. After all, all media makes money by scaring people to death. I soon grew weary of breathless news anchors prophesying Armageddon. (I always thought that was the realm of end-times evangelicals.) But then, it did start getting serious. Doctors I knew and trusted seemed [...]

The Technological Intruder: A Review of Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism

The Greek poet Homer dresses a modern issue in an ancient costume. In his epic poem, The Odyssey the poet tells the story of Odysseus (also known as Ulysses). On his journey home to Ithaca at the close of the Trojan War, he comes across danger. It is not a monster or a superior army. He encounters something pleasant, enchantresses called The [...]

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The Ideal Solution For Thinking Problems

I sat in my regular coffee shop booth, hammering away on the keyboard of a powerful computer. It was then, he caught my eye. Seated at a nearby table was a man with an open spiral notebook in front of him. No phone was visible. No computer, no laptop, no electronics at all. He simply scratched out his work with a regular [...]

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