When the Storm Rages…Remember…

When Vickie and I lived near Galveston, the time from June through November kept our attention. It was hurricane season. When a storm would spin up in the Gulf, I started tracking the path (this was in the pre-computer days). It would twist and turn. Is it coming, or will it veer off? Some were close calls. Others were non-events that lulled [...]

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The Question God Asks All

God poses a question to a struggling prophet on Mt. Horeb. It is also one he asks each of us every day. In 1 Kings 19, Elijah the prophet ran away from his most significant victory, fearing for his life at the hands of bloodthirsty Queen Jezebel. He came to the mountain, afraid and depressed. A cave became his refuge from the [...]

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The Unknown Future…Now What?

On a former grave plot, the Greeks established Delphi eight centuries before Jesus’ birth. The new temple boasted the “Oracle,” the message from the mythical Apollo about the future’s successes…and failures. Seedy sides of towns host séances. Weird women in robes turn over tarot cards to “discern” the spirits. It even became child’s play with Magic 8 Balls (shaken to give yes, [...]

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Lakes, Bugs, and Us—What Each Needs to Thrive

Lake levels. It has the ring of worn-out rags…unless you live in Texas. Texans keep track of lake levels, especially since populations explode with every new transplant. Homes come with grass, and grass requires water. Hence, the lake level discussion. In spring, we usually get rain. The rains are vital because they fill lakes. When the rain fills the lakes in spring, [...]

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Rear-View Mirror Thinking

No one drives forward looking in a rear-view mirror. But no one can go forward without checking the rear-view mirror. My job requires me to produce an "annual review." An annual review is a "take a step back and look at the horizon" type of document. It  provides a review of things done (and undone) and provides future direction through goals I [...]

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