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The Cure of Our Ills: Practice Gratitude

At the season of Thanksgiving, the trite advice is “be thankful.” For most people, it is a hazy phrase. The remedy for most first-world maladies is simple. Practice gratitude.   What Gratitude Does for Us?   “The practice of gratitude can have dramatic and lasting [...]

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Building the Right Compartment: Four Simple Steps to Seal Off Worry

I am a serial ruminator. Worry’s answer rests on the words of Jesus and the example of a giant ship. The concerns of life can pile up. They invade my mind like the Germans flooding the French defenses. When they come, they build a nest, lay [...]

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The Secret to Marriage? Here’s My Single Answer

Recently, someone asked, "what's the secret to a long marriage?" I did not have a good answer. I do now. On May 15th of this year (2018), my wife Vickie and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary.   I took her to a nice restaurant [...]

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The List

For many, Thanksgiving is about a "list." With the song Count Your Many Blessings in hand, we go about inventorying our lives for what we own and put "I'm thankful for..." before that item. In a wealthy society, we list things we enjoy that we've [...]

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