The Question God Asks All

God poses a question to a struggling prophet on Mt. Horeb. It is also one he asks each of us every day. In 1 Kings 19, Elijah the prophet ran away from his most significant victory, fearing for his life at the hands of bloodthirsty Queen Jezebel. He came to the mountain, afraid and depressed. A cave became his refuge from the [...]

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The Way to Handle Life’s Bumps: Be Grateful

I have found that life’s dictionary is missing something. It lacks the word “should.” We say “should” many times. People should adore me (after all, what is there not to love?). I should get the job I want or the raise I deserve. And then daily life says, “I’m sorry. What does “should” mean?” Life teaches its best lessons in the worst [...]

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The Focus of Thanksgiving

The calendar reminds us we are in the last week of November. The crisp air whispers to the leaves to begin their freefall. And with it brings Thanksgiving, our annual time to remember to give thanks. Songs encourage us to “count our blessings.” Paintings of pilgrim hands folded in prayer grace blog posts. The question of the hour is, “what are you [...]

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The Gratitude Habit

This is the Thanksgiving season. Usually, that means wedging a quick "what I am thankful for" between bites of turkey and dressing and kickoff. We know better. No one I know wants to be thought of as an "ingrate," that horrible creature who does not recognize the good things in our lives. Yet, we put together a day to "count our blessings" [...]

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The Cure of Our Ills: Practice Gratitude

At the season of Thanksgiving, the trite advice is “be thankful.” For most people, it is a hazy phrase. The remedy for most first-world maladies is simple. Practice gratitude.   What Gratitude Does for Us?   “The practice of gratitude can have dramatic and lasting effects in a person’s life,” said Robert A. Emmons, professor of psychology at UC Davis. Think of [...]

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Building the Right Compartment: Four Simple Steps to Seal Off Worry

I am a serial ruminator. Worry’s answer rests on the words of Jesus and the example of a giant ship. The concerns of life can pile up. They invade my mind like the Germans flooding the French defenses. When they come, they build a nest, lay eggs, and feed hatchlings. I overthink about “what might happen.” Like the cow that chews its cud [...]

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The Secret to Marriage? Here’s My Single Answer

Recently, someone asked, "what's the secret to a long marriage?" I did not have a good answer. I do now. On May 15th of this year (2018), my wife Vickie and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary.   I took her to a nice restaurant for a nice, quiet dinner (the second part is becoming more preferred to both of us). We [...]

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Thanksgiving Before Christmas: Making Giving Better

On the Oak Ridge Boys Christmas Cookies album is a song called Ordinary Days. It’s not a traditional Christmas song.   In it, the writers Steve Bogard and Rick Giles captured more than holly, snow, and nativity scenes. They put a tear in the eyes of Christmas.   The song speaks to what you should give for Christmas. None are from big [...]

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The List

For many, Thanksgiving is about a "list." With the song Count Your Many Blessings in hand, we go about inventorying our lives for what we own and put "I'm thankful for..." before that item. In a wealthy society, we list things we enjoy that we've never had to live without. We thank God for color HD TVs, the internet, computers, cars, houses, [...]

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