The Virtues that Count

New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote in 2015 about two kinds of virtues.   "Resume virtues" are traits we list on resumes—leadership, initiative, self-discipline, people skills, etc. They comprise a list of what we can do.   But most never consider a second set, something Brooks labeled “eulogy virtues.”   Over my career, I have presented the “message” at funerals. I [...]

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The Paradox of a Growing Life: Pruning Shearers

To have more in life, you need less of it. Let me explain.   In front of our house, we planted a red-tipped photinia a few years ago. Our goal was to hide a chimney that seemed to stick out of the view.   The shrub grew...and grew...and grew. It shot up and spread out, becoming misshapen.   We knew we had [...]

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Change and Decay…The Rhythm of a Growing Life

It’s spring. For many, spring’s announcement is the appearance of flowers and the greening of grass. For me, it is piles and piles of brown leaves. My Texas Live Oak trees shed leaves in the spring leaving behind the growth that provides respite from the summer sun’s assault. This year the Texas freezer week in February stripped branches at one time. We [...]

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Know Thyself: A Process for Progress

“Know thyself.” The Greek maxim snaked its way through history. Some old but unknown philosopher said it and moderns repeat it. Many a young man or woman has been told: “know thyself.” Fast forward centuries to the Globe Theater on the south bank of the Thames River. One night, a play by the shining star of the stage, William Shakespeare, came to [...]

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Candles on the Cake: Three Observations on a Birthday

The year 1955 seems like a watershed year. The Eastern Bloc formed a military alliance deepening the tensions of the Cold War. A tired little woman in Birmingham refused to give up her seat for a bullying bus driver. The boycott that followed was the push of a row of domino called the Civil Rights movement. America made its first commitment to [...]

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