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What Can You Learn From You Antagonists?

Every person has antagonists in their life. They seem to stand as a roadblock to progress. Some seem mean-spirited. Others are just object able. Still others just don’t “mesh” with us, either due to personality, outlook, or background. Most of the time, we avoid our antagonists. After all, who wants to spend time with people […]

A New-Found Joy–Listening to Books

One question you should ask yourself regularly is “what gives me joy?” We get caught in the “oughts, shoulds, and musts” that few of us get to the “wants.” About 18 months ago, I found something which has given me incredible joy. I started listening to books on CD. Reading has been a lifetime love […]

When Graduation is Not the End

What To Do After Graduation? The class of 2011 has now sat through hours of names read listening for their own. Students sweated bullets over finals (and sometimes standardized tests). Textbooks were closed, accounted for, and stored in the sauna of a dust-disturbed storeroom. The moving of the tassel on the mortarboard signals the completion […]

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