The Way to Handle Life’s Bumps: Be Grateful

I have found that life’s dictionary is missing something. It lacks the word “should.” We say “should” many times. People should adore me (after all, what is there not to love?). I should get the job I want or the raise I deserve. And then daily life says, “I’m sorry. What does “should” mean?” Life teaches its best lessons in the worst [...]

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Going Through the Desert: Don’t Miss Seeing What Is There

We traveled to California to see my grandparents when I was a boy. The problem was we had to cross the hot furnace of Arizona in July. Highway 66 stretched for miles as the temperature climbed to 15 degrees above the century mark. Heatwaves radiated from baked asphalt. The air scorched. I remember one thought. Get me to the other side. Life’s [...]

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A 15-Month Semester: Lessons Learned from Difficulty

We’ve lived through 15 months of lessons and tension. What have we learned on the other side of the pandemic?   On April 18, 2020, I (naively) wrote an article called “Decisions, Decisions: What To Do When It Is Over? It described what I thought it would be like when the virus and its threat abated.   I only missed the target [...]

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65 Lessons Learned in 65 Years

This is the year I received my official “old-man card” (aka Medicare). It arrived in the trail of gray hair, bifocals, and hearing loss. Such is life when you get to a certain age. The concept of an age at which things change is nothing new. The idea of retirement came from Otto Von Bismarck to rid himself of rivals and control [...]

Necessity is the Mother of Motivation

We’ve heard the phrase, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher, wrote those words in his Republic. They are correct, but I would like to suggest a corollary. On March 13, 2020, life lurched to a full stop. It felt like going 60 mph and shifting into reverse. You can imagine what that is like in an automobile. [...]

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School Is In Session: 18 Things I Learned (or Relearned) in 2018

For at least 13 years (and more, if you are fortunate), you attend school. The curriculum is specific loaded with canned lessons Then, you get into another school called “life experience.” While the curriculum is not structured, the lessons continue to come. The problem is we don’t think about what we learn so we miss most of the value of the learning. [...]

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The Best Two Lessons of Four Teachers

Everyone has had two kinds of teachers. Some you never remember. Then, there are those you never forget. Everyone has a list of the second. (It is usually a short list.) What makes the difference between the two? We assume we know what teaching is. While I have my share of teachers, my mother taught, and my two daughters teach. We assume [...]

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