When the Smoke Clears

Like any sane person, I felt a stomach-churning feeling watching the events unfold at Robb Elementary in Uvalde. When third and fourth graders go to school and come out in body bags, nothing can explain it. In the aftermath, politicians dodge hardball questions, engage in circus-worthy publicity stunts, and, in the end, will kick the can down the road.In 2018, pure evil descended [...]

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On #46: Lessons of a Lifetime Marriage

On May 15, 1976, two young people (who probably did not know much) got married. The ceremony was memorable. It took two preachers, and two trips by an absent-minded caterer before the service could start…45 minutes late. The night was memorable for many reasons. It included cold hamburgers from room service that closed early and car problems. The two people were my [...]

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The Secret to Marriage? Here’s My Single Answer

Recently, someone asked, "what's the secret to a long marriage?" I did not have a good answer. I do now. On May 15th of this year (2018), my wife Vickie and I celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary.   I took her to a nice restaurant for a nice, quiet dinner (the second part is becoming more preferred to both of us). We [...]

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