What Goes into “Thanks?”

Americans come to November with the calendar nudging, "be thankful." Such is the nature of Thanksgiving. We're "supposed to be grateful." For all of the positive press on the values of gratitude for body, mind, and spirit, it should be intuitive. Yet, it is not natural. An entire generation does not know what to do when someone says "thank you." ("Not a [...]

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When You Don’t Know the End, Look Farther

As a child, we took long road trips. In 1964, we drove to see the New York World's Fair and visited seldom-seen family along the way. I met many relatives for the first and only time on that trip. An oft-asked question was, "are we there yet?" It is life's question from our lips. We want to snap our fingers, and our [...]

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The Experience That Made An Astronaut Cry

Alan Shepard was not a crier. Shepard pioneered the space program and became the first American in space in 1961. In the intervening years, he was a tough-minded trainer of astronauts. Then came 1971. Shepard got his chance to go to the moon, golf clubs in tow. As he stood on the lunar surface, he looked across the barren landscape and saw [...]

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More than a Mark on the Wall: Four Marks of Maturity

When did you feel “all grown up?”   For most, it is not when they reach a mark on a wall. It is something that indicates they have reached a certain level of maturity. Mine was when I could buy my parents a meal in a restaurant.   Maturity is elusive. Many count candles on a cake, but that’s age. Changing calendars [...]

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A Tale of Time: A Parable for a Modern Malady

Is your life "stuck?" More importantly, how do you get "unstuck?" That is the premise of a fascinating little book written by Laura Vanderkam. Vanderkam has written several books (most of which I have read). She focuses her writing on managing time. Her thoughts do not flow from some pinstriped view of business but from a mom of four children and a [...]

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Three Real Lessons A Magical Movie Teaches

During the week of Christmas, my wife and I went to see Mary Poppins Returns. I was skeptical. As a baby boomer who watched the 1964 original in a drive-in theater, Mary Poppins is Julie Andrews. I listened to records of the music as a kid and loved the movie. Now, as a man in his 7th decade, I did not want [...]

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How to Use December Well: Review Your Life

December’s cold winds signal changes. For animals, they head to caves to hibernate. Humans light fireplaces and eat comfort foods. December for me is also a time to review the past year and prepare for the next one. I am a believer in reviews and accountability. Why Review The Year? So why, in the hustle and bustle of a rushed December, take [...]

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The Power of the Crucible: Three Advantages to Life’s Troubles

Life passes us through crucible experiences that change us. No one escapes life unscathed by challenges. Tragedies flow into every life, some more severe or numerous than others. What do these crucible experiences do for us? In Doris Kearns Goodwin’s new book Leadership in Turbulent Times, she discusses four American presidents and the challenges they faced. Each struggled through a myriad of [...]

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