It’s Worth What You Pay For It

As a boy, we would visit the San Diego area to see our grandparents once a year. One of the treats was going to the San Diego Zoo. It roamed with animals of all shapes, colors, and ages. You could touch the giant tortoise that was over 100 years old. But what fascinated me the most was what seemed mundane. It was [...]

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Know Thyself: A Process for Progress

“Know thyself.” The Greek maxim snaked its way through history. Some old but unknown philosopher said it and moderns repeat it. Many a young man or woman has been told: “know thyself.” Fast forward centuries to the Globe Theater on the south bank of the Thames River. One night, a play by the shining star of the stage, William Shakespeare, came to [...]

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Are We In the Way of Our Own Progress?

Are we stuck? We struggle with traffic snarls. Where man once ventured to the moon within a decade, we quarrel and sit on our hands. Few write. Speeches reach a new level of nonsense with every wasted word. The world lurches into an uncertain future. We have evolved into hamsters making a wheel going nowhere. David McCullough latest book chronicles an American [...]

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