The Question God Asks All

God poses a question to a struggling prophet on Mt. Horeb. It is also one he asks each of us every day. In 1 Kings 19, Elijah the prophet ran away from his most significant victory, fearing for his life at the hands of bloodthirsty Queen Jezebel. He came to the mountain, afraid and depressed. A cave became his refuge from the [...]

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The Unknown Future…Now What?

On a former grave plot, the Greeks established Delphi eight centuries before Jesus’ birth. The new temple boasted the “Oracle,” the message from the mythical Apollo about the future’s successes…and failures. Seedy sides of towns host séances. Weird women in robes turn over tarot cards to “discern” the spirits. It even became child’s play with Magic 8 Balls (shaken to give yes, [...]

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Writing from 40,000 Feet

Airplane trips have always fascinated me. While some tire of the present hassles of security, baggage, and packed planes, something happens in airplanes. I always choose a seat where I can see the landscape out of the window. You can see things differently when you get to a higher altitude. You have to climb above the racket of routine to get a [...]

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A Different Question With Strange Answers: A Nicaraguan Story

Every year (except for one) of the last fourteen years, I board a plane in the cold of Dallas and land in the tropics of Nicaragua. I don't go on vacation or to discover a retirement place. It's about kids. Almost 2 decades ago, the church I serve, the Waterview Church of Christ in Richardson, started a simple program to feed poor [...]

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The Cook’s Downfall: When You Lose What You Love

We believe Amazon delivers happiness. We are happy when we get what we want. Many times, we need something more. This is the story of a cook who lost his more than his place. My mother subscribed to the idea that if truckers stopped at a restaurant, it is good food. So for a lot of my childhood, we surveyed the highway [...]

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Stop Reaching Goals: Do This Instead

Are goals worth it? I have listened to the advice and read the self-improvement posts, books, and filed away my share of seminar workbooks. They preach a single sermon while the choir echoes the refrain. Make goals. Write them down. Look at them. Meet them. Celebrate success. I’ve done my share of making goals and even accomplished many of them. I have [...]

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