When the Smoke Clears

Like any sane person, I felt a stomach-churning feeling watching the events unfold at Robb Elementary in Uvalde. When third and fourth graders go to school and come out in body bags, nothing can explain it. In the aftermath, politicians dodge hardball questions, engage in circus-worthy publicity stunts, and, in the end, will kick the can down the road.In 2018, pure evil descended [...]

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The Astros Asterisk: Tarnished Values and Tarnished Trophies

The record books for the 2017 World Series will always have an asterisk by the entry.   The Houston Astros, baseball's 2017 champion, had developed a system of stealing signals for pitches coming. Then, through banging on a trash can, the batter would know what pitch to expect.   The scandal rocked the sport and has turned ugly on social media.   [...]

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Get Real: A Perspective on Troubles

One of the dawning truths of living long enough is life weaves problems into every person’s life. Paul told the Corinthians of the “light and momentary afflictions” which enter life (2 Cor. 4:17). We exaggerate most of them into overpowering and everlasting. The great tragedy is to hide from them as a child plays hide-and-seek in plain sight. We hide our struggles [...]

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The News That Hits Hardest

Social media (followed by more traditional media) crackled with the news of a school shooting on Friday. We tensed with "What? Another one?" The place was a small high school in Galveston County, Texas. The school was Santa Fe High School located in a town founded on a train line running between Alvin and Galveston. At that moment, it became personal. Santa [...]

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Keeping Small Problems from Becoming Large Problems

Everyone has problems. Too many turn a minor difficulty into a titanic tumult. But it doesn't have to happen You have to respond to problems rather than react to them. The church where I serve publishes a "pocket directory." It is what the name implies, a 2 inch by 4 inch top bound phone book. It's ideal for keeping in desks, purses, [...]

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