When the Smoke Clears

Like any sane person, I felt a stomach-churning feeling watching the events unfold at Robb Elementary in Uvalde. When third and fourth graders go to school and come out in body bags, nothing can explain it. In the aftermath, politicians dodge hardball questions, engage in circus-worthy publicity stunts, and, in the end, will kick the can down the road.In 2018, pure evil descended [...]

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The News That Hits Hardest

Social media (followed by more traditional media) crackled with the news of a school shooting on Friday. We tensed with "What? Another one?" The place was a small high school in Galveston County, Texas. The school was Santa Fe High School located in a town founded on a train line running between Alvin and Galveston. At that moment, it became personal. Santa [...]

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