When You Don’t Know the End, Look Farther

As a child, we took long road trips. In 1964, we drove to see the New York World's Fair and visited seldom-seen family along the way. I met many relatives for the first and only time on that trip. An oft-asked question was, "are we there yet?" It is life's question from our lips. We want to snap our fingers, and our [...]

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Writing from 40,000 Feet

Airplane trips have always fascinated me. While some tire of the present hassles of security, baggage, and packed planes, something happens in airplanes. I always choose a seat where I can see the landscape out of the window. You can see things differently when you get to a higher altitude. You have to climb above the racket of routine to get a [...]

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The Ideal Solution For Thinking Problems

I sat in my regular coffee shop booth, hammering away on the keyboard of a powerful computer. It was then, he caught my eye. Seated at a nearby table was a man with an open spiral notebook in front of him. No phone was visible. No computer, no laptop, no electronics at all. He simply scratched out his work with a regular [...]

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Why Write a Blog?

One writer suggested of bloggers to ask a central question. "Why do you want to write a blog?" It's a good question! Writing looks great--from a distance. But writing is hard work. Ideas are a will 'o the wisp, flitting across the mind until gone. The daily pressures steal all the good intentions from the heart. So I decided to return to [...]

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