The Difference a Year Makes

On February 28, 2020, my wife and I attended a program by the comedian Jeannie Roberson. It was funny and enjoyable. We told each other we needed to do more of that. Then, life changed. COVID ramped up, and plans got put on hold. We learned to do grocery pickup and how to adapt to shortages. I learned Zoom and to make [...]

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The Gift

One night, it seemed to appear... out of nowhere. The security cameras recorded every movement, but they had remained dark and still. There were no shadows and no evidence. And yet, it rested there, nestled under the branches. As sleep tiptoed away and the day dawned, the scoot of bare feet caressed the floors. Someone broke the silence. “Hey, where did that [...]

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The Question of Time: One Answer with Many Choices

"What's the best use of your time right now?"   It was a question coined by one of the early "time management gurus" Alan Lakein. It has since become a mantra for people concerned about the use of their time.   Lakein was fanatical about time use. He refused to own a television because it "wasted" so much time. (When men landed [...]

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What’s It Worth: A Tale of Good Investment

You are not rich enough to buy cheap shoes. In a recent renovation, we bought a rug from a man who taught a lesson in value. It was not just about rugs. He described growing up in Iran as an apprentice farmer. It was not long before he knew he needed some work boots. The problem is he had little money. His [...]

A Tale of Time: A Parable for a Modern Malady

Is your life "stuck?" More importantly, how do you get "unstuck?" That is the premise of a fascinating little book written by Laura Vanderkam. Vanderkam has written several books (most of which I have read). She focuses her writing on managing time. Her thoughts do not flow from some pinstriped view of business but from a mom of four children and a [...]

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Don’t Have Enough Time? Think Again!

Karl complained he did not have enough time. Up at 6 and out the door by 7, he worked hard as an up and coming manager. People liked and he worked hard. Also, he had an active 3-year-old and a newborn at home. He dragged himself home. He wanted to do what he wanted. He surfed Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Twice a [...]

When Wasting Time is the Best Use of Time

Almost every productivity site/guru/book/lecture says that same thing. Never wasted time. Pack your day and don't let anything fall to earth. After all, Benjamin Franklin told us, "Do not squander time for it is the stuff life is made of." With all due respect to Franklin, sometimes the best use of time is wasted time. Recently, I was making a trip from [...]

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