The Way to Handle Life’s Bumps: Be Grateful

I have found that life’s dictionary is missing something. It lacks the word “should.” We say “should” many times. People should adore me (after all, what is there not to love?). I should get the job I want or the raise I deserve. And then daily life says, “I’m sorry. What does “should” mean?” Life teaches its best lessons in the worst [...]

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Going Through the Desert: Don’t Miss Seeing What Is There

We traveled to California to see my grandparents when I was a boy. The problem was we had to cross the hot furnace of Arizona in July. Highway 66 stretched for miles as the temperature climbed to 15 degrees above the century mark. Heatwaves radiated from baked asphalt. The air scorched. I remember one thought. Get me to the other side. Life’s [...]

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Two Views of Life’s Issues: God and Us

  Fanny Crosby wrote church hymns…over 8000 of them. Titles trickle through memories with ease. They include Pass Me Not and Blessed Assurance. With such a gift and exuberance for words of hope, you would assume, Crosby lived a charmed life. And you would be wrong. She lived most of her life in darkness. When she was 6 weeks old, she caught [...]

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