On the Oak Ridge Boys Christmas Cookies album is a song called Ordinary Days. It’s not a traditional Christmas song.
In it, the writers Steve Bogard and Rick Giles captured more than holly,
snow, and nativity scenes. They put a tear in the eyes of Christmas.


The song speaks to what you should give for Christmas. None are from big box stores or online shopping sites. None need coupons or credit card numbers.

That’s because they are too expensive. The song describes the ordinary days of our culture:
  • The stuffed feeling after the Thanksgiving feast.
  • The people who feel the hope they have for the Lord they serve.
  • The McMansion with a fire in the fireplace.
  • The summer barbecue and softball games.
What if you could wrap up an ordinary day and give it away?
  • If you could take half of the food you eat on Thanksgiving and give it to someone hungry, would you?
  • If you could put a bow on your faith and give it to the person who is at the end of his rope, would you?
  • Suppose you could package the warmth of your home and give it to someone living under a bridge. Would you?
The trouble with affluence is not what we have. God is the source of blessing, and we should be thankful…everyday. Yet, our plenty lulls us into the stupor of average. We live our lives until they become drab and overlooked.
Joy comes when you put your head on a pillow every night and thank God for your extraordinary, ordinary days.
I love the song (and own the CD). More importantly, I aspire to what it whispers in my soul.
Do you appreciate your ordinary days enough to cherish them?