The sand raced through the neck of the hourglass. A much older David Ponder, surrounded by the legion of thinkers, scientists, philosophers, and leaders were summoned in an eternal summit meeting to unravel the Gordian knot of saving civilization.

What answer was right? Would they find it…in time?

The Traveler’s Gift was the first book by Andy Andrews I read. It  hooked me. The prose was pointed. The descriptions vivid. Since then, I’ve read every book he has written. Andy Andrews completes the story started in The Traveler’s Gift in this book, The Final Summit.

The Final Summit does not disappoint. Andrews draws the reader to the point without directing him. His words elicit the picture in the mind and the quotations tumble in the mind.

While the genre falls into the category of either inspirational or self-help. However, Andrews’ book bears none of the stigma those genres usually tattoo on a book.

The reader of the Traveler’s Gift remembers the forlorn David Ponder looking for a shadow of hope in the darkest of days. In this book, an older, grayer, and wise Ponder reappears. While the lessons learned earlier are not forgotten, he finds himself not looking for a personal answer but for the answer for all peoples of the future.

Andrews draws many of his characters from history. People like Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Churchill, and George Washington Carver. While history books embalm the figures in fact, Andrews resurrects them into human terms. I find myself learning much about the men through his books. (I wish my history classes had this much interest!)

The message of the book refrains from becoming “preachy.” Instead, through the rising hopes and stunned disappointments, the reader is drawn to a timeless message rather than directed to see it. I felt hope, frustration, elation, and finally safisfaction with the turn of the page. In the end, the answer to the enigma presented challenged my thinking and will alter my living in the future.

This is a book I will keep but will buy for gifts for others who need a larger perspective on life.

The Final Summit by Andy Andrews. Published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville, TN, 2011. 230 Pages. It is available through as well as other booksellers.