From the beginning of time, I know mothers say, “never talk about people behind their backs.” The trouble is not in the advice but the recipient.

Everyone talks about other people.

Some stories are complementary and praise-infused. Others are critical and dismissive.
Life has a simple, that if followed, gives you control of the narrative.

People will tell stories about you, but you get to write the story.

The content of the conversations in hallways, around watercoolers, or at dinner tables is controlled by you.

How do you write the story that others tell? By what you do and how you treat other people.

Your behavior is nothing more than the display window of your character. Some may protest that it is unfair because, deep down inside, that person considers themself a good people. Why doesn’t it seep out in the way they talk and live if that is true?

This is not a blog post with inadequate and misguided advice to “live better.” You can fake it for a while, but you show back up. As the expression says, “wherever you go, there you are.” You cannot escape your character.

Be authentic. It is too labor-intensive to always “be on your best behavior.” Instead, if you have a problem, take the steps now to change your character. It may take years. But over time, the stories people tell about you will change.

It’s simple. Remember that people will tell stories about you, but you get to write the story.

What story are they telling about you?