Obligations, opportunities, and possibilities invade our lives without interruption. Which do you choose?

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a disease of the modern who “wants it all.” No wonder most people suffer from overload and stress!

None of us can do it all. So how do you choose?

I have had to make those hard choices as well…and I had to do that this weekend.

I found out early in the week that our lovely and talented niece from Thailand made a decision to be baptized into Christ. Today was the day, but I already had two events on my calendar. Both had importance.

I made a decision. We drove to Austin, spent the night, and rejoiced with family. The special day for my family trumped all other choices.

The other two events, while they were interesting, were not part of the vital few.

So how can anyone decide that?

I always have to remember there is a difference between good and best. It is a matter of criteria. Which meets the “best” standards? Here are some for me.

Once-in-a-lifetime makes it a “best.” The event of the day would not happen again. I can see other people later. I can learn about a topic through internet searches and reading. Missing my niece’s baptism would have been lost forever. It was a no-brainer. Ask a single hard question: is what I am considering going to come around again? If you answer “no,” seize it.

Family comes first. Expectations from the masses usually shout louder than the voice of our loved ones. We have come to let our families say, “that’s ok, I know it’s important.” That feeling is wrong. No human enterprise…none…should nudge out family.

Love lingers when lessons leave. Knowledge, small-talk, and good feelings are plentiful. Love that binds drills itself into life and since an anchor. When we arrive at our deathbed, we will have the love while the other gets jettisoned without thought.

After driving through traffic for the rest of the day, I would not have traded the day and the moment of my niece’s baptism for anything. It was the right choice. It was the “best” in a world of “goods.”

P.S.—New and Daniel, we love you. New welcome to God’s family. We would have never missed this special day for anything.