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Getting More By Going Slower: The Power of Disfluency

We like things that are easy. Our minds like to conserve energy for more important things. The problem comes when we encounter information. The more information we have, the less we can think . (Having choices is fun. Choosing is agonizing.) We feel like the mythical Tantalus who was punished by being submerged up to […]

Get Uncomfortable to Stay Alive

I am writing this post from a room in a motel in Managua, Nicaragua. It is not my own room. The shower has no hot water so shaving is difficult. Don’t even think about putting paper down the commode. (I won’t go into the mechanics or alternatives.) Each year I come to Nicaragua as part […]

I’m Bored:  Three Blessings of Boredom

  Are you bored? We hate boredom. We find anything to fill the time. How many pounds accumulate due to mindless eating due to boredom pack? How many hours get wasted in front of mediocre TV shows? How much trouble have teens found just to “have something to do”? Do you remember when you were […]

Find Out About Area Scams

Everyone is a victim of scammers. They make contact and tell you: They had money to claim from an old account. The IRS was about to arrest them if they did not pay up (by going to a website and listing information). Their bank was having a problem with their account. Go to and log-in. […]

There But for the Grace of God…

Recently, Grace McIntyre, Judy Kyker, and I touched down in Dallas to end our annual medical mission trip to Nicaragua. The trip went well but we are glad to be home. In Nicaragua, you see things you hope you will never see. I saw: Four children (the oldest was eleven) who had been abandoned to the streets by […]

Why Write a Blog?

One writer suggested of bloggers to ask a central question. “Why do you want to write a blog?” It’s a good question! Writing looks great–from a distance. But writing is hard work. Ideas are a will ‘o the wisp, flitting across the mind until gone. The daily pressures steal all the good intentions from the […]

Doing and Thinking About Doing

Over the years, I have made two seemingly opposite mistakes. I have acted without thinking and I have thought too much about my doing. Sometimes, I just want to get something done. I bull through a task only to find myself frustrated. Sometimes it’s because I don’t have the skills necessary. At other times, I […]