Graphi audiobooks

One question you should ask yourself regularly is “what gives me joy?” We get caught in the “oughts, shoulds, and musts” that few of us get to the “wants.” About 18 months ago, I found something which has given me incredible joy.

I started listening to books on CD.

Reading has been a lifetime love of mine. But with age, eyes don’t always cooperate, lighting became a problem, and time pressures pushed it into the background.

However, I spend a significant enough time in traffic. I bought a new car and slurged for a CD changer. Those two factors came together about 18 months ago. I started getting books on CDs and listening to them. Since that time, I’ve listened to over 20 titles.

I am blessed with a local library with a tremendous stock of books on CD. I have ridden the path from Boston to New York with John Adams. I spent the winter with Washington in Trenton. I felt the blows to Louie Zamperini in a Japanese POW camp. I have found profound insights into life and myself through the words of Mitch Albom and Malcolm Gladewell. I’ve walked the Brooklyn Bridge and sailed the Panama Canal.

I have found that listening to a book on CD gives a new experience. It affects not only my mind but my emotions and heart. With each conclusion, I feel like I am losing an old friend.

Few things in life give us true joy and inspire us. For me, this simple act has transformed my life.