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Tantalized to Death

When I was a boy, I visited our grandparents in California. My grandmother had a bunch of old clothes that she wanted my father to look through. One that elicited most of my interest was his Navy uniform. I asked him about it. Were you really in the Navy? Did you sail on a ship? He answered yes to both questions, so [...]

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A Fur-Covered Donkey: Your Tongue Tells Too Much

Who is your worst enemy? James, who is reputed to be the brother of Jesus and a writer of a New Testament letter, knew the answer. In his letter, he spent a lot of his time on a single topic--what we do with our mouths. He compares man’s tongue to a raging fire, out of control. One remedy is to treat it [...]

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The Breeze of a Butterfly Wing: Small Changes and Huge Effects

Have you ever heard of the Butterfly Effect? In 1963, Edward Lorenz, an American mathematician and meteorologist, advanced an odd theory. Does weather change from small, unseen events? He said that the flap of a butterfly’s wing could move a tiny amount of air which would interact with other air. As molecule upon molecule accumulated, it would eventually start a hurricane on [...]

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People’s Greatest Need: A Breath of Fresh Air

How do you want to be remembered? It’s not an idle question, one of those hypothetical “what if” fantasies. It’s real. For one day, you will be remembered. When I perform funerals, I sit with families who lost loved ones and try to get an angle on the deceased’s life. “What do you remember about them?” And...those form the words spoken over [...]

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The Long and Short of Decisions

How many decisions do you make? Some are huge: a career, a college major, or a mate. Others are mundane. What do we eat at 9 pm or What color shirt do I wear today? Many wish they did not have to make so many decisions. Life comes down to making decisions. Even though all decisions are not created equal, the truth [...]

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56 Men and 1300 Words: Why We Are Here

On the last big vacation Vickie and I took before the pandemic, we found ourselves in Savannah, Georgia, over the 4th of July. On Independence Day, we visited the old Colonial Cemetery in the heart of Savannah. One of the graves bore the name Button Gwinnett. I am sure you never heard of him. Gwinnett was born in England and came to [...]

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When the Storm Rages…Remember…

When Vickie and I lived near Galveston, the time from June through November kept our attention. It was hurricane season. When a storm would spin up in the Gulf, I started tracking the path (this was in the pre-computer days). It would twist and turn. Is it coming, or will it veer off? Some were close calls. Others were non-events that lulled [...]

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Making Life Precious with Last Time Thinking

What if a moment was “the last time?” Selling a home means walking out of the front door for the last time. It is known and expected. But what about the unplanned “last times?” When my dad died ten years ago, he died suddenly. I spent the afternoon with him, taking him for a haircut and making out Christmas checks. If I [...]

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The Question God Asks All

God poses a question to a struggling prophet on Mt. Horeb. It is also one he asks each of us every day. In 1 Kings 19, Elijah the prophet ran away from his most significant victory, fearing for his life at the hands of bloodthirsty Queen Jezebel. He came to the mountain, afraid and depressed. A cave became his refuge from the [...]

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The Way to Handle Life’s Bumps: Be Grateful

I have found that life’s dictionary is missing something. It lacks the word “should.” We say “should” many times. People should adore me (after all, what is there not to love?). I should get the job I want or the raise I deserve. And then daily life says, “I’m sorry. What does “should” mean?” Life teaches its best lessons in the worst [...]

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