November 2022

What Goes into “Thanks?”

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Americans come to November with the calendar nudging, "be thankful." Such is the nature of Thanksgiving. We're "supposed to be grateful." For all of the positive press on the values of gratitude for body, mind, and spirit, it should be intuitive. Yet, it is not natural. An entire generation does not know what to do when someone says "thank you." ("Not a [...]

It’s Worth What You Pay For It

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As a boy, we would visit the San Diego area to see our grandparents once a year. One of the treats was going to the San Diego Zoo. It roamed with animals of all shapes, colors, and ages. You could touch the giant tortoise that was over 100 years old. But what fascinated me the most was what seemed mundane. It was [...]

Silent Heroes: A Tribute on Veteran’s Day

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At the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of November 1918, the First World War ended with an armistice. On that day, the seeds of Veteran’s Day were planted. For as long as I have been alive, Veteran’s Day had its place on the calendar. The problem it seems to come and go without as much notice as it deserves. I have [...]

When You Don’t Know the End, Look Farther

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As a child, we took long road trips. In 1964, we drove to see the New York World's Fair and visited seldom-seen family along the way. I met many relatives for the first and only time on that trip. An oft-asked question was, "are we there yet?" It is life's question from our lips. We want to snap our fingers, and our [...]

October 2022

The Last 20%: Are You Hunting Giants?

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Life has its moments. When you are young, dreams and plans occupy the mind. Then, the kids leave home (always quicker than imagined). You start thinking, “what next?” Time sits unused in the coming years. But time continues to flow until you reach an age when you ask, “what will you do with the rest of your life?” As I write this, [...]

Why Doesn’t the World Work Like It Should? Look inside

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From time to time, I find complaints creeping into my mind. Why isn’t my internet connection faster? If a microwave can cook something in thirty seconds, why not 20? (Hence office microwave ovens with 4 seconds left on the clock. It is where impatience grabbed the person who last used it.) My own personal favorite: red lights. Why don’t lights turn when [...]

Canute: A Man Who Remembered Who He Was

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As humans, we convince ourselves of how powerful we are. Presidents can move armies. In the last century, we corralled the atom and walked on the moon. Medicine eradicated diseases such as smallpox and polio. We believe in our importance. Yet, for all of the hubris of “we can do anything,” we should reconsider. As people, we should take a lesson from [...]

When Prayer is Simple

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Growing up in the church, I listened to many public prayers. It seemed men were required to use “holy” language. Every prayer had… “Guide, guard, and direct us….” And we prayed for the preacher’s “ready recollection.” On the opposite extreme is the charming immaturity of a child’s prayer at the dinner table. He prays for the knife, the fork, the spoon, the plate, [...]

There is a Season….

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In my area, fall seemed to arrive all at once. Temperatures fell at night into the 50s, something luxurious at any time. Days grow shorter. For some reason, life has a lift in its step. Different locations have favorite seasons. Minnesotans look forward to spring to thaw out from winter’s dark. But in Texas, fall quenches nature’s blast furnace. In 1968, the [...]

September 2022

Today and Tomorrow: How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow? With silver bells, and cockle shells, And pretty maids all in a row. That nursery rhyme from 1744 is not merely a verse recited by children but also guidance for grownups. How does your garden grow? That depends on many things. Over 30 years ago, I discovered an exercise developed by Bobb Biehl. [...]

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