The Last Survivor: The Legacy of a Terrible Day

Everyone can tell you their story. Mine is simple. I sat at the Atlanta Bread Company at the second table from the door by the windows working on my daily plan.   Then, a man I did not know approached my table ashen and trembling. "They hit the second building."   I am sure you know what it is.   Tomorrow is [...]

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Watching for Miracles: The Butterfly Experience

When I was a boy, I did something each spring that is almost unknown in today’s Xbox world. As I watched, caterpillars crawled out from under a leaf. That allowed me to witness a miracle. I ran into the house, found a Mason Jar (we always had Mason Jars!), and poked holes in the lid. When back outside, I found a stick [...]

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More than a Mark on the Wall: Four Marks of Maturity

When did you feel “all grown up?”   For most, it is not when they reach a mark on a wall. It is something that indicates they have reached a certain level of maturity. Mine was when I could buy my parents a meal in a restaurant.   Maturity is elusive. Many count candles on a cake, but that’s age. Changing calendars [...]

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Stay Between the Lines—Why You Need Margin

The speed of life tramples time in a cloud of dust. Meeting after meeting drains the day, leaving you spent. Nerves fray, and numbness results. Deloitte commissioned a study that discovered 77 percent of employees encounter and suffer from “burnout,” Herbert Freudenberger coined the term to describe helping professions—nurses and doctors—whose brutal work schedules left them exhausted, listless, and apathetic. They burned [...]

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The Paradox of a Growing Life: Pruning Shearers

To have more in life, you need less of it. Let me explain.   In front of our house, we planted a red-tipped photinia a few years ago. Our goal was to hide a chimney that seemed to stick out of the view.   The shrub grew...and grew...and grew. It shot up and spread out, becoming misshapen.   We knew we had [...]

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Minding Your Mouth: Two Tests to Keep You From Opening Your Mouth at the Wrong Time

Who has not opened their mouth at the wrong time? For most, the taste of shoe leather is something familiar. In today’s Bible class, I taught about James 3, where James instructions about the damage inflicted by careless speech. He says: We all stumble in many ways. Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is perfect, able to keep [...]

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A 15-Month Semester: Lessons Learned from Difficulty

We’ve lived through 15 months of lessons and tension. What have we learned on the other side of the pandemic?   On April 18, 2020, I (naively) wrote an article called “Decisions, Decisions: What To Do When It Is Over? It described what I thought it would be like when the virus and its threat abated.   I only missed the target [...]

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A Shot in the Arm: A Book About the Science Behind the Vaccine

On March 11, 2021, I sat in a shrouded cubicle where a nurse took a needle and pierced my upper arm. It was no ordinary shot. It gave freedom from concern, from restriction, and from a disease that had killed more than died in the war in Viet Nam.   On that day, the "stuff" in that syringe entered my body, and [...]

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Change and Decay…The Rhythm of a Growing Life

It’s spring. For many, spring’s announcement is the appearance of flowers and the greening of grass. For me, it is piles and piles of brown leaves. My Texas Live Oak trees shed leaves in the spring leaving behind the growth that provides respite from the summer sun’s assault. This year the Texas freezer week in February stripped branches at one time. We [...]

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Where Do We Go a Year Later? Using Wayfinding to Navigate the Times

The past year left us with a problem. What are we going to do now?   Washington Irving wrote the story of a man who goes to sleep only to wake 20 years later. He discovered he missed so much, such as the American Revolution. He lived in a different world than the one he left.   His name was Rip Van [...]

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