Clear or Cloudy: The Single Principle to Help Others Understand What You Say

When it comes to written or spoken communication, there is an essential principle. It was something I learned from Mrs. Moroni. Mrs. Moroni was my senior English teacher at J. J. Pearce High School in Richardson, TX. She taught English literature, not exactly the favorite topic of people with senioritis tapping their foot waiting for graduation. Yet, there was a day in [...]

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How to Keep Lightning from Becoming Lightning Bugs

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” (Mark Twain, The Wit and Wisdom of Mark Twain) Words are the weapons of human thinking. They express fear, despair, hope, and triumph. Yet nothing is worse than the wrong word. It’s not about the size of vocabulary but the quality of [...]

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Stimulate Your Thinking

Western culture feeds the disease of inactivity. People stare at cellphones blankly. Television drones on with no one noticing. The couch (or recliner) develops a permanent and personal dimple. The ravages of the sedate society are everywhere. Politics lack clear thinking. Many businesses have settled into a "that's our policy" way of life. Individuals live lives of simple boredom. (Think about your [...]

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What Was a That Password Again?

The bane of technological existence is the password. I understand the need, but the frustration remains. With every website visited comes the need to setup a password. After about three, the brain begins the dog paddle and by the fifth request it is going down for the third time. How do you remember passwords? The answer is "you don't." You store passwords. [...]

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Speeding Up

Nothing is more frustrating than having to slow down when you want to go faster. You drive down the freeway going the speed limit. Suddenly you see the red glow of brake lights cascading through the traffic in front of you. You slow to a crawl. Sometimes the slow-down is a wreck and sometimes it is construction. It does something to your [...]

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Keeping Small Problems from Becoming Large Problems

Everyone has problems. Too many turn a minor difficulty into a titanic tumult. But it doesn't have to happen You have to respond to problems rather than react to them. The church where I serve publishes a "pocket directory." It is what the name implies, a 2 inch by 4 inch top bound phone book. It's ideal for keeping in desks, purses, [...]

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Where Presentation Power Comes From

  I do many classes, sermons, and presentations. I’ve had my share of flops but some are hits. A few months ago, I made a report to my church about the medical mission trip a group of us made to Nicaragua. (See previous blog posts for observations.) Afterwards, the most common comment was “you should have taken a collection.” In 30 years of preaching, [...]

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