Everyone is a victim of scammers. They make contact and tell you:

  • They had money to claim from an old account.
  • The IRS was about to arrest them if they did not pay up (by going to a website and listing information).
  • Their bank was having a problem with their account. Go to xyz.com and log-in.
  • A relative has been put in jail or robbed of all their money, etc. (This is usually a phone call). All you have to do is send a wire, money order, or even just your bank account information to help dear Johnny get out of the slammer.

All of those are popular and prevalent.

The Better Business Bureau had added new tool to their website to track scams in your area.

Click on the link at the top for Scam Tracker and you get a map (which can be zoomed in and out) and find out the scams happening in your area.

scam tracker

You can get information about the amount of scams taking place, the nature of them, and how to avoid the scam artist.

It is a helpful way of dealing with a difficult problem.