MP900341439With the simple click of the hands of a mechanical clock, the world magically transforms. That single click brings in a new year.

We arbitrarily mark time with bread crumbs along the trail. We have birthdays and anniversaries. But few are as laden with meaning as New Year’s Day.

With New Year’s comes the “New Years Resolution.” These general statements are more wishes than plans. Most die before sunset on day one. For a lucky few they last a week or two. Most resolutions fall into the category of “undoing damage.” Gyms and diet clinics bulge with new clients because the holidays have left flabby bellies and guilty consciences. Christmas buying has drained bank accounts. Tension in family pitches require mended relations. A house cluttered with new things demands order. Such is the “stuff” of resolutions.

One person stated, “my resolution is not to make resolutions.” Instead of resolutions determine directions. Take some time to review the year gone by–objectively.

  • What went right? (Something always does.)
  • What surprised you?
  • What bothers you and why?

Don’t work on remediation and correction. Take single steps in a direction which you enjoy. If you don’t like going to the gym, don’t join one. But if you enjoy playing with your kids, do so. You will get more exercise. Do what thrills your soul instead of what enslaves the spirit. (People tend to do what they like, not what they hate.)If you had to take a single physical, visible action in the next hour which would make you better, what is that one thing? It might be write a letter, make a phone call, pay a bill, take a walk or even drink a cup of coffee. Take one step. Then take a second. The Chinese proverb counsels, “the journey of a million miles starts with a single step.”

Whatever you do in 2012, have a good time. Life is too short and too valuable not to enjoy.

Happy New Year!