A banner hangs in the coffee shop where I take my morning quiet time. It is one of those collage of words and sayings sold in card stores. The sign was written by the company’s marketing department. Three words on sign caught my attention.

Make today better.

As I read them, I asked the obvious question (one that had nothing to do with sweet rolls and coffee). What do I need to do to make today better? I suppose many grandiose answers can be given. But it prompted some random thoughts I wanted to share.

Make today better by…

Having a positive attitude. Problems abound. Griping hangs in many homes, offices, and community like smoker’s fog, poisoning the atmosphere. There’s always more to do than time to do it. Money will always be short. Yet, I can put a smile on my face and be pleasant. I can decide to try to solve the problems rather than moaning about them.

Clean up a mess. I don’t know what your office looks like, but mine is a collection of papers to be filed or read, books unopened, and late issues demanding my attention. I rifle through drawers looking for the same thing over and over again. When in a funk, I clean a drawer. The sense of accomplishment is amazing and it keeps me from getting frustrated the next time.

Finish something. I am great at starting. My graveyard is half-done things. Sometimes, it requires less than 30 minutes to get it clear. Make a call. Write the letter. Get your inbox to zero. Today gets instantly better.

Spend time with people you love. Recently, one of my daughters was able to come home for a couple of days. I had a lot to do. But all of that can wait. We went out to lunch. I took off a couple of hours to watch a movie. We ate around our table again. It was a better day.

In the morning, your feet will hit the floor. Bones will creak and pop. Some will want to go back to bed. But before your day gets really started answer the question “What will make today better?”