For at least 13 years (and more, if you are fortunate), you attend school. The curriculum is specific loaded with canned lessons

Then, you get into another school called “life experience.” While the curriculum is not structured, the lessons continue to come.

The problem is we don’t think about what we learn so we miss most of the value of the learning.

As I look back at 2018, I can find 18 things I have either learned or re-learned.

  1. The best “yes” is a good “no.”
  2. Little things done consistently over time produce big results.
  3. Habits are stronger than self-discipline.
  4. Your beliefs govern everything else. Confront what you believe and test it regularly.
  5. Life doesn’t line up behind my desires. Live with it.
  6. Take time for fun. Life is short.
  7. Eat right, not according to some diet.
  8. You can endure anything if you know where it will lead.
  9. Trouble is one of the finest teachers.
  10. Not everyone has to like me for me to be content.
  11. Avoid rigid people. They have no bend.
  12. It’s better to be kind than right.
  13. Read, read, read. You never improve more than when a book is in your hand.
  14. Most of my own misery is between my ears.
  15. Position doesn’t matter. Influence does.
  16. Writing is easy. Good writing is hard.
  17. Deliberate daily gratitude deepens life.
  18. No one improves their aches and pains by complaining about them.

Let each year enrich you. The one who is continually learning and growing never gets stale.

Have a great 2019!