Life has a curious way of being a nose tackle that frustrates us.

For those who don’t like or care about football similes, let me explain briefly.

A nose tackle is a defensive player whose main job is to make sure the ball doesn’t advance. Brute tackles and deer-like pursuits are his skills. He smashes quarterbacks to the ground. Ball carriers crawl to their knees, dazed and confused, looking for the truck’s license plate that ran them down.

You have felt the soul-crushing blow of life. It may be gentle, but it is persistent.

We plan for a big purchase for several months. The money is banked, and the search begins in earnest. Then, a puddle forms on the carpet. A plumber confirms your fears. A repaired slab leak must suffice for the sofa.

Or we make plans at work. They are fair and workable. But the co-worker who has no ideas doesn’t like yours. Bam! Slammed to the ground again.

A big vacation is on the horizon. You have the travel books, booked the hotel, and paid a hefty deposit. Then, the morning before you leave, your fever spikes, body aches, and you drag yourself to the doctor. Flu is the word, and no vacation is the headline.

You have stories to tell as well. The result is a knot in the stomach, clenched fists, and a growing smolder of how you get treated.

What do you do to untie the knot, loosen your grip, and cool your jets? It comes in a straightforward sentence.

Do right and let God do the rest.

Do Right

We have many responses, but stop and ask, “what is the right thing to do in this situation?” Stewing is not an answer but doing always is.

Do your job the best you can. It is in your control.

Smile at others. They are not to blame for your predicament.

Give to the needy. Whatever you have, you can share.

When we do right, we feel better.

Trust God.

The truth of life is we cannot see past the end of our noses. We know what we want, which is seeing life through a keyhole. Instead, broaden your horizon.

What can God do with this situation? What does he have in mind?

We don’t know but have to trust.

It was something Joseph had to do. Sold into slavery for the favoritism of grieving father, he felt life’s lash. Joseph served well in the house of the head jailor and earned a false rape charge. Imprisoned for nothing, he was forgotten when he gave mercy to others.

What do you do? Give up on God?

Over time, things happened. Famine brought a silent voice to life. He had a plan, and thousands, if not millions, ate when starvation was the only item on the menu. That included a father who thought he had died and brothers who hoped he had.

Once the reunion came in a providential way, Joseph revealed his attitude. To his brothers, fearful of retribution, Joseph said:

Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God? You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. (Genesis 50:19-20)

Joseph trusted the intention of God over the emotions of the moment. It takes courage. It takes perspective. It takes faith.

Do you have it?

So when life turns over your box, stop, breath and:

Do right and let God do the rest.