People’s Greatest Need: A Breath of Fresh Air

How do you want to be remembered? It’s not an idle question, one of those hypothetical “what if” fantasies. It’s real. For one day, you will be remembered. When I perform funerals, I sit with families who lost loved ones and try to get an angle on the deceased’s life. “What do you remember about them?” And...those form the words spoken over [...]

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Going Back to Childhood to Find Joy: Three Avenues to Happiness

Some things you read hit you right between the eyes. One such piece was Eric Barker’s recent blog post on how to be happy in a crazy world. In a furrowed-brow world, everyone is looking for the magic elixir of joy. We all have it; we don’t know it.  For those who are not regular readers of Barker’s, he takes the research [...]

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