The Experience That Made An Astronaut Cry

Alan Shepard was not a crier. Shepard pioneered the space program and became the first American in space in 1961. In the intervening years, he was a tough-minded trainer of astronauts. Then came 1971. Shepard got his chance to go to the moon, golf clubs in tow. As he stood on the lunar surface, he looked across the barren landscape and saw [...]

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Going Back to Childhood to Find Joy: Three Avenues to Happiness

Some things you read hit you right between the eyes. One such piece was Eric Barker’s recent blog post on how to be happy in a crazy world. In a furrowed-brow world, everyone is looking for the magic elixir of joy. We all have it; we don’t know it.  For those who are not regular readers of Barker’s, he takes the research [...]

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